Here to Zoom IN a bit more on the mind+body connection of FOCUS!!

IN the video above I’m sharing a move using the Bodhi suspension system (works with TRX too) and also an equipment free one with just a mat!

Both are great biomechanically–shoulder and core stabilization, and for Nervous System🧠 INtegration-as it allows us to Zoom 🥸INto the detail while still keeping focus on the BIG picture!

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks you’ve discovered just how important developmental movements are to INcreasing focus and supporting our structure (joints and muscles) and just how easy & quick it can be! You can check out those previous videos HERE & HERE

The key is to turn those quick & simple Nervous System Regulation exercises INto a regular habit!

Which is why I’ve created the FREE Focus IN 4 offering starting June 24th! Build a daily ritual of 4 steps IN 4 min (or less) over 4 days so that you can INcrease focus from the INside out with Nervous System Regulation!

This is happening IN my INspiring private FB group and everyone is welcome!!  All you have to do is join the group HERE and show up live (or via replay) at noon EST June 24th-27th.

I’d love to hear how your summer is going so far! Hit reply and let me know!

Wishing you Ease, Focus & Summer😎 FUN!!!



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