Brain Go beyond just making it through another day. Unlock a deep reserve of authentic energy and find the calm within (even on those chaotic days).

You’re overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward. It’s a struggle to focus and concentrate with your overflowing to-do list, the Intensity of today’s world, and have little time or energy left over for yourself. I know how hard it is to find a peaceful space with in yourself right now.

We allow space and support for toddlers when they are over-whelmed and have meltdowns. We recognize teens are in the process of learning to regulate emotions. What if we could create space to process the emotions and empower ourselves by connecting to simple, quick self-regulation techniques?

So that call with your boss doesn’t send you into a panic (or raise your blood pressure). Or the delicate juggle of work meetings and picking up the kids doesn’t cause you to live in anxiety on the regular. It’s totally possible and

all you need is already inside of you!

Imagine dropping in, acknowledging the emotions and stress, and re-aligning your nervous system for true resiliency. Then carrying that alignment into daily life with EMPOWERING RITUALS to help you go beyond making it through the day and actually thriving.

My pivotal programs do just that. I’ve created a unique method of moving meditation Inspired by over 20 years of working with high achieving (and often depleted) individuals that have tried almost everything. It’s a synergy of OT, Brain Gym, Pilates, and Reflex Integration.

Get started with my INner Resources gift series

3 short videos with quick rituals to INtegrate your Brain and Body leaving you calmer and more at ease! Set the P.A.C.E. for feeling grounded and centered. Forgot “Feel the fear and do it anyway ” go to the root cause and INtegrate the fear paralysis reflex. Connect to your Innate “safe-space”– your MIDLINE and feel the calm.


It’s like Monkey Bars for your Brain ©

Gently move through reflexes that are at the root of anxiety, fear, and panic. Discover INtegration techniques so the daily stress doesn’t burrow into your system only to explode later. Tap INto neuro-lymphatic techniques to bolster your energy. Learn how to set healthy boundaries IN a world where demands are high. It gently and simply aligns and organizes your nervous system so you can get out of your own way and live a peacefully productive, full life!!! My programs help you fortify your resiliency with rituals and techniques to keep you grounded, energized, and calm.

I help people discover their INner resources so they can get out of their own way and reveal the calm, centered, energetic version of themselves waiting to embrace life.

Looking for the benefits of meditation but can’t seem to quiet your mind to sit in stillness?

It doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to sit in silence on the floor with your mind racing, struggling to find the Zen. Trust me, I’m a former meditation drop out. I so badly wanted the calm, but only ended up frustrated and feeling like I was a failure. I had to meet myself where I was and access calm through movement. Simple movements. Going back to developmental movements that are enjoyable and re-connect to breath, align the senses, and Integrate reflexes. And after accessing this place of ease I’m no longer a failure at still meditation. I actually look forward to it!!

I’ve created multiple ways to access this unique work so you can choose what resonates with you:

Inner Resources

Inner Resources: Self-Regulation tools for thriving in a dysregulated world.

Virtual Classes

Feel the success that can come from a mindful, biomechanically sound class

Culture Shift:

Brain, Body, Biome monthly INspiration program

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