Gentle Flow to Awaken Breath!!

If your Nervous System is dysregulated all the breathing🫁 exercises IN the world aren't going to be effective. They can even cause you to feel more dysregulated-- showing up as anxiety☹️, difficulty taking a full breath and more. Try the...

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Lungs, Grief & Breath

Continuing the conversation about breathing😗 exercises! IN this video I begin sharing how organs and eMOTIONs😬🤪😂 are tied to breathing! Did you know that the lungs🫁 represent grief? Check out this video to learn more! Most all of us have...

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Stuck IN Freeze & unable to access breath

What does being IN fight, flight, freeze look like? IN this video I share a memory that is etched IN my mind & heart from one of my earliest clinicals as a student. This was the first time I realized that being IN FFF would impair the...

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When Breathing Exercises are Counter Productive

Continuing the conversation about breathing😗 exercises! IN this video I share how I approached breath as part of the movement process at the beginning of my career vs now. I also share a story about a client I worked with doing breathing...

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My 3rd grade self is doing a Happy Dance

My 3rd grade self is doing a Happy Dance

My childhood was a whirlwind of imagination, spinning tales of monsters👹 lurking in closets and daring dog 🐶heroes saving the day from robbers. Back then, my imagination was somewhat fueled by my anxiety (If only I had nervous system regulation tools back then) but...

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Quick Fix for Adrenal Depletion

Feeling depleted?🫤 It's likely your adrenals are INvolved!!I know all to well what it's like to experience adrenal depletion!I remember feeling like I could barely get out of bed each morning IN my early 30's.The overachieving,...

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Hi there!

I’m Kelly Hale and I have the JOY of helping people move beyond stress, anxiety & overwhelm to reconnect to JOY, find the ease IN life and be peacefully productive! I love helping people realize how easy it can be to create shifts (in 4 min or less) by uncovering the gifts withIN: nervous system regulation.   

As a Nervous System Negotiator, I draw from 25 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and Pilates practitioner. I’m a former meditation drop out–I so badly wanted the calm, but only ended up frustrated and like a failure. I had to meet myself where I was (just like I had always done for clients) and access calm through movement.

I’m SO glad you’re here and I can’t wait for you to uncover what’s possible when you tap INto the wisdom of your nervous system! I LOVE questions!! Drop your questions IN the comments! I often turn those questions INto future VLOGS!

Keep Moving & INtegrating!

More About Me

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