As we turn the calendar to June, you might be feeling that surge of excitement at seeing the “finish line”!

You’ve conquered “Maycember” – Woohoo!! 🎉

“Maycember” speaks to the INtentsity surrounding the end of the school/sport/dance/choir year, when the calendar is bursting at the seams with yet another banquet, recital, or event!

And let’s be real – you don’t have to be a parent or grandparent enduring the end of the school year to feel like your energy is depleted at this time of transitioning INto summer! 😅 IN the video above, I share 3 quick & effective tips you can even use IN your car to boost your energy! 🚗💨

Looking for Nervous System Regulation Tools to help you move beyond stress & anxiety? Check out my free INner Peace: Nervous System Relief for Stress & Anxiety HERE 

Keep Moving & INtegrating!


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