Poop Camp

Get your head out of the bathroom and back INto life

Digestive distress can mess with your head! Most people end up feeling anxious around bodily functions that should happen effortlessly and disconnect from the “knowing in their gut”!

What if you never had to feel stress about “going” again?

With Poop Camp there’s no need for stress around “going”. You’ll learn how to quickly & easily release anxiety so you can put your energy INto enJOYing life (not planning your day around the bathroom)!

Do you struggle with constipation? Irritable Bowel? Have you forgotten what it’s like for normal bodily functions to happen with ease?

What if there was a way to get out of the fight, flight, freeze and feel calm about digestion and elimination (that’s just a fancy way of saying pooping).

That’s exactly why I created “Poop Camp”. I want to help you easily and comfortably tap INto your INner Resources (no equipment, powders, pills or special foods required) to discover peace of mind around digestion in 7 days (or less).

IN less time than it takes to learn campfire songs you can learn simple tools to get out of Fight/Flight/Freeze, which anyone with digestive stress experiences on the regular.

This program will help you move away from the anxiety and guide you through an easy, effective Brain + Body approach so you don’t spend hours fretting about this normal bodily function.

Dial down the stress, find the calm and get back all that time and energy you spend focusing on elimination.

Achieve peace around digestion & elimination in 7 days! If you want to get your head out of the bathroom and back INto life join Poop Camp now!

Watch the video below to learn how Poop Camp can help you with digestion and elimination

IN this virtual program you will:

  • Learn simple nervous system regulation tools to dial down anxiety (all in 5 min or less)
  • Discover organ exercises to calm tight, stressed, spasming intestines
  • Learn rituals to eat IN a zen state to support digestion from the first bite
  • enJOY meditations to calm your nervous system and support organ function. Great to do before bed!
  • Receive a quick reference sheet to help you access the tools anytime you need support

Right now you might be suffering in silence (like I did for many years) afraid to leave the house because you don’t know when you will be running to the bathroom.​​​​​​​​

Or you’re so uncomfortable due to bloating. You’re sluggish and exhausted and too tired to do much of anything. It’s hard to focus at work or school and you certainly don’t have any energy left over for yourself or family after work.

Perhaps you’re looking at the calendar and noticing how many days it’s been since you’ve “gone”. The pressure and pain is debilitating and you’re stressed about being constipated again.

The overwhelm is real. You’ve tried all the powders and pills and you’ve consulted with various practitioners. The only regularity you’re experiencing is regular stress and discomfort. You’ve started to lose hope. It can feel like an embarrassing topic to talk about, which means you could spend years struggling, unable to find the right solution. The good news is you don’t have to live this way.

The missing piece is likely the Brain + Body approach.

No one has shown you how to work with your structure instead of against it. Other programs haven’t addressed the anxiety that is created when this normal bodily function doesn’t happen easily. Until now.

This unique program offers my proprietary Brain + Body approach with highly effective organ exercises and moving through nervous system reflexes that bring you to the parasympathetic (rest & digest) state easily and more!

If you’re ready to take back the mental space and regain your energy sign up for Poop Camp!

Kelly Hale MS, OTR/L, IMT, c, NCPT

Hi there! I’m Kelly Hale, an occupational therapist, Pilates practitioner, nervous system regulation expert and INtegrative manual therapist including visceral (i.e. organ) mobilizations.

I know what it’s like to have to have stress around digestion/elimination! I didn’t think I would ever be able to go somewhere without mapping out all of the bathrooms en route. What I finally discovered after years of searching was that I needed an INtegrated approach to solving my GI issues – one that treated both my mind and body.

The mental part of the process is just as important as the physical.

I understand this on a deep level. My history with gut issues (including celiac disease) and the freedom I experienced in overcoming them is why I’m SO passionate about infusing mind-body techniques into every gut program I offer. It’s the magic of Brain, Body, Biome INtegration!

Blending my studies in nervous system regulation, functional medicine, pelvic floor, and organ mobilization, I’ve created the truly Integrative mind body program I wish I had access to all those years ago. It combines Meditations, organ releases, and reflex integration that all support nourishment, digestion and elimination on the deepest level-your nervous system

IN this program you will access my unique Brain + Body approach previously only available to my private clients (for more than twice the cost)!

Access my proprietary Brain + Body approach $2200 value

Learn gentle reflex moves to connect to your pelvic floor, reconnect to your deepest breath, and move out of the fear state. $1500 value

Access restorative Brain + Body moves to organize your overwhelmed brain for peace & Calm $500 value

Discover gentle organ exercises to improve ease of function $450 value

Uncover a simple way to move through Intense emotions that can affect digestion $350 value

Receive the “Poop Scoop” PDF summary of techniques for quick access long after you’ve finished the 7 day program $250 value

Experience Rest & Digest meditations to calm your nervous system and rest your overworked organs $250 value

“Wow? That’s a lot of stuff for just  $88?” This program is worth much more! But my goal is to make my unique Brain + Body program accessible to everyone! Everyone deserves to have anxiety free elimination and to poop with ease!

This virtual program is easy to access IN the comfort of your home (no pooping IN the woods required).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if…

Remember when you went to camp and you had anxiety? Remember how at the end you were confident? Get summer camp confident around digestion…

Research shows that going to summer camp increases confidence. Increase confidence around digestion and yes even pooping with Poop Camp…

This program is not intended to serve as professional advice or services. The ideas, suggestions, and information contained in this program are not intended as a substitute for medical care. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision and support from your physician.

None of this information may be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the written consent of the author.

Due to the Virtual nature of this program we are not able to offer refunds.

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