Back with one more Nervous System Regulation flow for FOCUS 👀 and Spinal/Trunk Stability!

This week’s video INcludes moves to nourish & INtegrate the Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex, which is key IN supporting attention, focus, and the health of the entire spine!

This also makes a HUGE difference in your ability to return to exercise/activities after injury, avoid injuries, and progress safely.  

Another example of why I often say “Nervous System Regulation is the missing key IN recovering full FUNction of the brain+ body”!!

Until a few posts ago you may not have ever considered the connection of simple developmental movements on focus + spinal/trunk stability!

I’ve so enJOYed helping you uncover this important, overlooked connection these past few weeks!

Here’s what one curious mover shared IN response to these past few VLOGS:
“I can’t believe how much more focused and relaxed I am after I do these simple moves.  And my spine feels so much more relaxed and yet stable! The perfect recovery moves to break up the long hours at my desk!”

The videos IN the last few weeks emails are just the beginning! There’s a whole world of empowerment available when you INtegrate Nervous System Regulation INto your strength & stability program!

Ready to get empowered with developmental movements, reflexes, and Nervous System Regulation to increase the health and stability of your core/trunk?

Sign up for my INner Strength Reboot, where we unpack the relationship between your nervous system 🧠 and core stability (we talk about the extremities too)!

At $48 this is my lowest-cost program and a fantastic entry point to tapping into Nervous System Regulation for trunk/spine health. It’s full of depth and has tons of easy-to-use and quick-to-apply exercises.

Register HERE for this one of a kind opportunity to transform your health and well-being from the INside out!

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


P.S. I LOVE hearing about your experiences with these weekly videos I create for you! Comment below to share any noticing’s or questions you might have.

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