INspired Rehab/OT

No factory style rehab here! Kelly took the leap and opened her own practice in 2001 as she could sense that the cookie cutter, rushed style of rehab was only becoming more prevalent. She successfully established a boutique style setting for rehab and wellness that is welcoming and supportive.

Some have complicated health situations such as Lyme’s, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Parkinson’s that respond well to a personalized, holistic approach. All have a desire to feel good in their body again and to regain optimal function.

Others arrive desiring “prehab”. Prehab is the idea of preventing injuries or avoiding the reoccurrence of old injuries. It can also mean preparing the body for an upcoming surgery. For example, working with someone preparing to have a joint replacement to increase strength, stability and body awareness prior to the surgery. This approach allows for amazing outcomes post surgically with a much quicker return to function! In each session you get to spend 55 focused, Inspiring minutes with Kelly supporting your healing. Whether you are coming in on the rehab or wellness side you can tap into all of the holistic techniques provided.

Occupational therapy is a holistic rehabilitation service that honors the unique needs and challenges of each individual while building on their innate abilities. OT’s consider the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual impact that a person’s health challenges place on their roles in life. Kelly’s ever growing OT tool box is full of unique, gentle techniques that guide you to RE-connect to your own deep, innate healing abilities to allow for incredible transformation!

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