Biome Boost Energy, Elevate Your Mood and Enhance Your Quality of Life with an Easy Holistic Approach.

Biome Boost Energy, Elevate Your Mood and Enhance Your Quality of Life with an Easy Holistic Approach. 

Tired of feeling sluggish, bloated and irritable?

Ever find yourself white-knuckling it on the drive home, wondering if you’re going to make it to the bathroom in time? You’ve tried every powder and product to restore gut health, but nothing works. You’ve even started to accept that unpredictability is your norm – you’re either constipated or can’t go far from a bathroom because you never know when disaster will strike.

I get it. I’ve been there. Trust me, I know it can feel overwhelming. When I was an embarrassed, constipated middle schooler, I thought this was how life was going to always be. When I had my first trip to the ER for gut issues at age 11, I stopped trusting my gut and eventually my body. Then during my late 20’s when I had debilitating diarrhea (what I call my “sh*t hit the fan” years), I didn’t think I would ever be able to go somewhere without mapping out all of the bathrooms en route. Sadly, a lot of people are suffering in silence, just like I did, around digestive health and elimination. It can feel like an embarrassing topic to talk about, which means you could spend years struggling, unable to find the right solution. The good news is…

You don’t have to live this way.

What I finally discovered after years of searching was that I needed an INtegrated approach to solving my GI issues – one that treated both my mind and body.

The mental part of the process is just as important as the physical.

Digestive distress can mess with your head! Most people end up feeling anxious around bodily functions that should happen effortlessly and disconnect from the “knowing in their gut”! I understand this on a deep level. My history with gut issues and the freedom I experienced in overcoming them is why I’m SO passionate about infusing mind-body techniques into every gut program I offer. It’s the magic of Brain, Body, Biome IN tegration! You have the power to ignite the transformation your body has been longing for! Blending my studies in fermentation, functional medicine, pelvic floor, and organ mobilization, I’ve created some unique, supportive programs that will allow you to take charge of your daily life without constant worry or anxiety over GI distress.  I’ve created the truly Integrative mind body program I wish I had access to all those years ago.  It combines Meditations, organ releases, and reflex integration that all support nourishment, digestion and elimination on the deepest level-your nervous system

Brain Body Biome Free Gift

In this free gift we explore that and more!! Includes how to stimulate your Intestines with gentle positional release to increase ease and comfort, how to leverage the natural design of your structure to decrease constipation and promote ease with elimination, and how to begin Incorporating Cultured/fermented veggies INto your menu.


Ready to experience digestive freedom?

Culture Shift®

Workshops to help you explore the “Cultured life” to optimize your health & wellness!

Elevating Elimination

Elevate elimination to a conversation that is comfortable, and empowering with easy action steps for quick results

INner Nourishment: Group Mind-Body Gut-Support Program

An INvitation to drop IN and nourish yourself on a deep level.

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