INner Strength Reboot

Trade your workout for a workIN—a true body+mind experience guided by the wisdom of your nervous system.

Move your body with comfort and confidence. Discover the key to moving with JOY & EASE again

– your Nervous System!


When you were able to climb a flight of stairs, hike a trail, or chase after a toddler without hesitation or fear??? You used to enjoy exercise, but now you feel anxiety about triggering an old injury or struggle to progress. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. And you need the stress-relieving benefits of exercise now more than ever. You’re not alone.


It’s time to leave the workout perspective behind. Yes, the movement/Pilates Instructor who believes movement heals is telling you NOT to work out. INstead, I’m INviting you to Work IN. Working in is a more meaningful version of working out. It’s my signature style of Dropping in and acknowledging your body and mind. Then exploring developmental movements that deeply connect your brain and body while strengthening and stabilizing your core and extremities. And because Working in goes beyond just talking about a mind-body connection and actually MOVES  you toward it, you are left feeling calm, centered, and energized to live the active life you deserve.

Working IN taps INto the wisdom of your Nervous System, your most untapped resource, so that you can…


  • To break through patterns & compensations that trigger old INjuries. You will be amazed at how moving through developmental patterns & reflexes will help you find comfort & ease. Tripped-up reflexes are often the missing link in recurring injuries and pain.


  • Feel safe and confident IN progressing your strength & flexibility
  • Realize greater FUNction IN everyday life! Results like greater shoulder stability to play ball with your kids.  Endurance & alignment to go for long hikes again.  Getting on and off the floor with ease so you can Play with grandkids.  A “stable & able spine”© that allows you to enJOY traveling the world!


  • Actually enJOY exercise/movement again
  • Reap the benefits of feeling calm and centered but without the frustrating experience of trying to sit IN meditation.

Day One – Nervous System Regulation: Your Gateway to Lasting Strength & Stability

We start with an INtroduction to your Nervous System and why we need to regulate it. Explore Fight, Flight, Freeze (FFF) and why it’s not productive (and often not safe) to exercise while IN a state of FFF and how to move beyond it!

Day Two – The Resilient Core: Discover the Power of Development + Reflexes

Uncover the often missing piece IN core stability: reflexes & developmental sequences. Discover simple, isometric exercises that help your brain+body find safety so you can feel confident IN your alignment and progressing your program!

Day Three – The Power of eMOTIONs: Begin Unpacking Stress IN your tissues (and mind)

Our issues truly are IN our tissues! You’re now ready to go even deeper and uncover the profound connection between our eMOTIONs and physical well-being. Discover how to dial down anxiety around your old injuries or movement experiences and begin processing eMOTIONs that hold you back from your physical and mental growth.

As a bonus I’ll also be INtroducing one of my favorite, simple props to release and open those stuck tissues: the small myofascial ball!

*The ball is not required for this session but if you have one feel free to bring it. Ready to “get on the ball?” Order one HERE.

Day Four – Embracing your INner Strength: the Journey Continues

IN this session put it all together so you can experience a flow that INvites your nervous system to truly move beyond Fight, Flight, Freeze, and celebrate finding safety and ease IN moving your body again! We will discuss ways you can INcorporate workINs INto your life to continue the progress!

Why I created this?

Witnessing the struggles in my 25+ years in rehab and fitness motivated me to create a synergistic, highly efficient method  that combines Pilates, reflex integration (tripped-up reflexes are often the missing piece in musculoskeletal issues) and Brain-Body exercises. The result is accessible movement that builds stability and strength of your body and mind!

This work is informed by my extensive training as an OT, Pilates and pelvic floor specialist, brain gym practitioner, and integrative manual therapist.

Consider this your INvitation to create a deeper transformation. It’s time to work IN. Working out changes bodies; working IN changes lives ©.

I can’t wait to help you uncover the wisdom of your nervous System!  

Kelly Hale MS, OTR/L, IMT,c,  NCPT

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