I like to say that working out changes bodies, but working IN transforms lives. It’s not layering positive affirmations onto your workout, but rather getting in tune with your body by moving through developmental patterns that align the right and left side of your brain.

These movement patterns will return you to a calm, peaceful, productive, and grounded state… And the best part is, it is accessible to all. It can be experienced on a mat, in a chair, or anywhere.

Hi there! I’m Kelly.
I’m an OT, restorative movement specialist, and brain, body, biome expert.

I’ve been on a lifelong journey of healing.
For many years I struggled with gut issues that crippled my daily function and even impacted my fertility.

When I discovered that I had celiac disease, I felt relieved to finally have an answer, but the diagnosis was just the beginning. I now knew the root cause of my problems… but how was I going to heal it?

I began by studying mind-body practices and healing the gut with food, then experimented with these techniques myself. Although I experienced some improvement, I soon discovered that my stress level was standing in the way of complete healing.

The overachieving, perfectionistic life I’d been living was catching up with me. From grad school to living in a big city and working 3 jobs to afford rent, to opening a holistic rehab practice and struggling to get pregnant… I was running on empty. My adrenals were drained. The sheer amount of stress made it impossible for me to heal fully.

So now I faced a new problem… How can I effectively reduce stress? Regular exercise wasn’t cutting it. I tried meditation, but I couldn’t sit still or quiet my racing thoughts, and inevitably felt like a failure, leaving each session scolding myself to “Try HARDER!”

But then around 2006, I realized that “trying harder” may not actually be the answer…


What if, instead of beating myself up, I extended the same grace to myself that I gave to my clients and patients daily? If one of my clients were facing these same issues, what would I do for them? I certainly wouldn’t berate them for wiggling during meditation. In fact, I’d do the opposite. I’d figure out a way to meet them where they already were.

That was when I realized, I needed to do the same thing for myself I needed to find a form of “meditation” that resonated with my lifelong love of movement. Did a program like this even exist?!

As it turns out, it didn’t. However, my longing and curiosity led me on many adventures and studies that allowed me to eventually create the program I’d longed for – and heal myself in the process!

I designed a unique method of moving meditation inspired by over 20 years of working with high achieving but often depleted individuals (which I totally understood personally). It’s a synergy of OT, Brain Gym, Pilates and Reflex Integration that aligns and organizes the nervous system so you can get out of your own way and live a peaceful, productive, full life!!!

When it came to my own results from this method, I was shocked and delighted to learn that life didn’t have to feel so hard! Everything became so much easier and more accessible if I tapped into the Brain & Body connection.

I went on to overcome infertility and gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 2010. I now have the JOY of sharing my beloved, colorful school supplies I used for all of those courses with my young daughter. I also share the messy, busy life of a creative entrepreneur with my supportive husband of many years, and two rescue Hounds.

I was so excited about this discovery that I immediately started sharing my form of moving meditation with my long time clients, and in just a matter of weeks, their lives would shift in profound ways we hadn’t expected!

My greatest wish is that everyone will experience the ease and peace that is possible with moving meditation.

Give a listen to learn more about my work

In this conversation, I share simple, effective strategies to improve your digestive health and movement practices!!! We dive deep into the subjects of elimination and brain body Integration!

In this conversation, we discuss how I first discovered Pilates, mindfulness strategies to help prolong our practice and take care of ourselves during this challenging time. We explore the power of layering in eye exercises and breathing exercises into a client’s movement experience.

Alphabet Soup:

The Professional Bio

Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Alma College and a Master’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Indianapolis. In 2001, feeling bound by the limitations of traditional health care, she opened the area’s first Integrative Pilates and Rehab Clinic, Inspired Wellness, in Metro Detroit.

She holds numerous certifications in Pilates including dance specific Pilates. She has extensive training in modalities such as Brain Gym, Body Ecology, Muscle Activation, Body Rolling and Kinesio taping. Kelly also specializes in pelvic floor and pre/postnatal rehab and educates other professionals with courses through the Center for Women’s Fitness.

She also completed a 3 year course of study in Integrative manual therapy which combines techniques such as cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. Her favorite component of this work is the visceral (organ) releases as the effects can be profound!

Kelly’s work is sought for her unique, synergistic approach that goes beyond the diagnosis and functional deficits to examine the true root causes such as “tripped-up” reflexes, cranial-sacral system disruption, and an un-integrated nervous system.
She traveled the country as a principal educator for Polestar Pilates for 10 years. She continues to inspire rehab and wellness pros as a presenter at conferences and seminars across the country and virtually.

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