Hi there %FIRSTNAME%!

Looking for Strength & Zen?!

Look no further!!

IN this week’s video I share how to tap INto the wisdom of your Nervous System to get more from your Strength Training Program!

If you already do strength training💪 like lunges it’s SUPER DUPER easy to layer IN moves that turn your workout INto a workIN–a true mind body experience guided by the wisdom of your Nervous System!

Watch the video above to learn how! 

Be sure to watch the whole video as I demonstrate an example without the Pilates springs that you can do anywhere IN the 2nd portion!

Adding IN ipsilateral (same side) arm moves followed by contralateral (opposite side) is a great way to organize & INtegrate your Nervous System!

And layering moves that INvolve the front + back body allows for nurturing of the focus dimension which means your brain🧠 gets stronger too!

Want to learn more about how to tap INto your nervous system🧠 and discover your INner Strength? Sign up for my INner Strength reboot HERE

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


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