Transform Your Routine with this INnovative Warmup

Years ago I use to have people hop on the Arm💪bike🚲 (UE ergometer) to warm up their upper body before Pilates, Strength Training or rehab exercises.

But it was SO one planar.  

Don’t get me wrong it’s great to do the Arm bike a bit to diversify your cardio and build some endurance of the UE.

But as far as truly warming up your structures AND your Nervous System🧠 it’s lacking depth.

That’s why I now use warmups like IN this video that INfuse developmental movements, reflex INtegration, & isometrics INto Range of Motion’s that prepare the mind AND body!

Not only is this a great warmup before activities INvolving the UE it’s also a great rehab sequence for the Upperbody!

Looking to dive deeper INto how developmental movements, reflexes & Nervous System Regulation can INcrease the health & stability of your Upper Body?

Sign up for my INner Strength Reboot, where we unpack the relationship between your nervous system 🧠, core stability & the extremities.  

At $48 this is my lowest-cost program and a fantastic entry point to tapping into Nervous System Regulation for trunk/spine health. It’s full of depth and has tons of easy-to-use and quick-to-apply exercises.

Register HERE for this one of a kind opportunity to transform your health and well-being from the INside out!

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


P.S. I LOVE hearing about your experiences with these weekly videos I create for you! Comment below to share any noticing’s or questions you might have.

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