Hi there!

Did you know that locked knees🦵 often indicate that you are IN survival mode (fight, flight, freeze)😐?

It’s very likely tied to an unINtegrated tendon-guard reflex.

The move IN this video is actually a quick assessment for the focus dimension and tendon guard reflex. I use it all the time with my clients and IN my group offerings as a pre and post assessment.

Focus is SO much more than attention.

You have to support the physical (with movements like I share IN this VLOG) to develop a sense of safety & empower the brain + body.

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing moves IN the coming weeks emails that nourish this reflex to INcrease focus & establish a sense of safety.

Do you struggle with focus? I’d love to hear about your journey! Comment below and let me know about your experiences. I love hearing from you, and it helps me create programs that support your needs!

You are not alone! I work with SO many people that struggle with focus, and I’ve had my own challenges with it too!

That’s why I’ve created a FREE offering to help you establish a ritual using nervous system regulation to empower you to find & sustain focus!

Join me for Focus IN 4!! 4 moves IN 4 minutes over 4 days to INcrease focus! I’ll be sharing this live IN my FB community. All you have to do is join HERE and show up each day live or catch the replays!

I can’t wait to share this simple, yet powerful sequence to empower you IN establishing a new habit and INcreasing focus!

Keep Moving & INtegrating!


P.S. Are you ready to move out of Survival mode, INcrease focus all while improving Strength & Stability?  If so, check out my INner Strength reboot program HERE


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