Popping IN with a super simple, quick yet highly effective movement flow to INtegrate your Brain🧠 + Body!

Recently I shared how locked knees🦵 often INdicate that you are IN survival mode (fight, flight, freeze)😐 & how it’s likely tied to an unINtegrated tendon-guard reflex! Missed it? Go HERE to check it out!

I know many of you were left saying “Wait I experience this.  How can I shift this?”

I’m delighted to tell you that it’s easy with simple, developmental movements as I share IN the video above!! This gentle exercise flow will nourish & INtegrate the Tendon guard reflex and INcrease focus!

This simple sequence is a great mind body “warmup” to use before doing any task that requires focus, as a “commercial break” from working on your computer, or before any movement/exercise sport activity to INcrease focus and optimize the movement patterns of your legs!

If you’re looking to INcrease ease around focus be sure to join IN for my free FREE Focus IN 4 offering starting June 24th! Build a daily ritual of 4 steps IN 4 min (or less) over 4 days so that you can INcrease focus from the INside out with Nervous System Regulation!

This is happening IN my INspiring private FB group and everyone is welcome!!  All you have to do is join the group HERE and show up live (or via replay) at noon EST June 24th-27th.

And as we move deeper INto summer our focus can be challenged by the fiery🔥, expansive energy of summer!! Be sure to join my Summer Solstice: INner Regulation virtually or via replay on June 20th.  Reserve your spot HERE

Wishing you Ease, Focus & Summer😎 FUN!!!



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