My childhood was a whirlwind of imagination, spinning tales of monsters👹 lurking in closets and daring dog 🐶heroes saving the day from robbers.

Back then, my imagination was somewhat fueled by my anxiety (If only I had nervous system regulation tools back then) but thankfully four-legged friends🐕, offered solace amidst the chaos.

I can still recall the scent of chalk dust mingling with the aroma of sloppy joe lunch,*ick* as I sat at my 3rd-grade desk.

Then came the announcement over the crackling loudspeaker—a moment that forever altered my trajectory. “How Patchie the Wonder Dog Saves the Day” had earned me a spot at the Young Author’s Conference.

The excitement IN my classroom was palpable; my story was going to be “published,” and I’d get to rub elbows with real-life authors at a posh country club. And the cherry on top? A day off from🎒 school—a dream come true!

The only problem was that they didn’t allow dogs so my childhood furry bestie, Patchie, the hero of my story, would have to stay home.

While memories of the luncheon itself may have faded, the spark it ignited IN me remains vivid. Suddenly, writing wasn’t just a pastime; it was cool, and perhaps, just perhaps, I could be an author too.

Thanks to the unwavering support of some INcredible teachers, my love affair with writing blossomed. I spent hours IN my pink bedroom (almost as pink as the photo above) writing poetry,  essays, and short stories.

I dove INto writing contests, even clinching a few victories that landed me some savings bonds for college. As the years passed, my interests evolved from crime fighting dogs to the complexities of health sciences.

And by the time I was ready to cash IN those savings bonds Patchie🐶 the wonder dog was quite geriatric and no longer chasing robbers.

Transitioning INto my career, I found joy IN writing articles for professional journals. But as life unfolded—career demands, family joys—I shelved my passion for writing, except for the occasional conference presentation or course.

The dream of penning a book about wellness has always been whispering IN the back of my mind and heart💗.  Yet, the prospect feels daunting. Lately, the call to write has been getting louder and louder and I can no longer ignore it.

And so, I’m delighted to announce my return to writing with a recent piece for Mind Body Green. It’s a delve into nervous system regulation and the transformative potential of something as simple as walking—a practice that transcends its perceived simplicity.

This short article IN a way feels like I’m reconnecting to something deep from my past and quite possibly might be the first step towards that elusive first book.

As you read the article, (CLICK HERE), you’ll discover that walking is more than just a physical act—it’s a journey INward, and with a few tweaks can serve as a nervous system regulation practice. And just as we gain momentum with each stride, I’m hopeful that my writing practice will gather momentum too.

Perhaps, when my daughter transitions to driving🚗 *YIKES* IN a few years,  I’ll reclaim those Uber Mom hours for writing🖊️. But for now, I INvite you to read the article and share your thoughts. Just hit reply. I read everyone one of your emails. Your feedback means the world to me, on this path of rediscovery.

Keep moving & INtegrating (walking is great for that BTW),


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