Feeling depleted?🫤 It’s likely your adrenals are INvolved!!

I know all to well what it’s like to experience adrenal depletion!

I remember feeling like I could barely get out of bed each morning IN my early 30’s.

The overachieving, perfectionistic life I’d been living was catching up with me.

From grad school to living in a big city and working 3 jobs to afford rent, to opening a holistic rehab practice and then struggling to get pregnant… I was running on empty.

My adrenals were drained. The sheer amount of stress made it impossible for me to heal fully.  

Fast forward many years and I’m grateful to share I healed my adrenals with a Brain + Body + Biome approach!  I still keep close tabs on my adrenals as I can tell when stress is taking a toll on this very important organ system.  

Of course Nervous System Regulation Exercises like these above were a HUGE part of this process!

Give this short sequence a try to help nourish 💞your adrenals!

We start with Neuro Fascial Processing to drain stress & INflammation from the adrenals.

Then a simple isometric using the wall to gently re-educate the Quadratus Lumborum which is tied to adrenal FUNction!

How is your energy level these days?  Are you attending to your adrenals? Drop a comment below and let us know!! I LOVE hearing from you!

Want further Nervous System Support?  Sign up for my FREE INner Peace: Nervous System Relief for Stress & Anxiety program at:  https://inspiredwell.com/innerpeace

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


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