I’m incredibly grateful for these wise words from one of my early teachers in manual therapy school. 💜

As Pilates/movement/healing 🧘‍♀️ professionals we are surrounded by lots of different energies every day.

It’s important that we keep healthy boundaries in order to preserve our health, keep our energy clear and allow us to serve more people. And it’s important in respecting their space and healing process.

One way I stay grounded is to envision my feet growing roots into the ground like a tree. The trunk of my tree is very solid and strong. The limbs of my tree are strong and able to reach out to others while staying connected to my Core Essence.

This serves me well both professionally and personally. How do you stay grounded and keep healthy boundaries?

I always value being able to give credit for quotes. I’m sorry I don’t have the specific source here. I was fortunate to have many AMAZING teachers in IMT school💗

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