Happy, Healthy New Year!

As 2017 comes to a close I’ve been taking moments to pause and reflect on how the year INSPIRED, challenged and opened me to growth like never before.   Each of these brought me back to a place of gratitude.   I continue to be in awe of the human body and it’s capacity to heal and I’m INSPIRED daily by the people I serve and how they face their challenges with grace and perseverance.  It’s because of you and your ability to show up that I continue to be fullfilled by this work and stimulated to learn more as I tap into a creative source beyond my wildest dreams!!  I’m grateful for the many learning opportunites 2017 presented to me in the form of daily sessions, teaching opportunites and the chance to be a student with my colorful school supplies in hand (which you all know I love)!!!

As I reflect on the honor of presenting and teaching to health, wellness and education professionals and the curious layperson I am reminded of a great quote by Robert Frost.  He says “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”  My hope is that I may continue to awaken a respect for the human body and it’s ability to heal and that more people may realize the innate codes that our bodies hold for restorative movement and optimal function.

One of my goals in changing my business model was to have more time to be with my family.   I’m incredibly grateful for time with my wonderful husband and daughter and I’m continually reminded that children are our greatest teachers.   I’ve always enJOYed working with children in my studio setting and I’m very excited to begin co-teaching a Pilates, Brain Gym, Yoga infusion class for children 8-13.  This will even provide me with a weekly field trip to a beautiful setting that reminds us that the magic of childhood can be upheld.  I’ll be sure to share more on that later as I’m certain their will be major “ah-ha” moments as I stand in the place of observer and student with these amazing children.

One of my intentions in 2017 was to put more of my work out “their” digitally speaking, so that it might reach and serve more people.  This forced me to face my “digital anxiety” (I did lots of brain gym and meditation throughout) and to just “do it” (amateur video work and all).   The learning curve has and continues to be huge and culminated in the SPARKLE holistic holiday self-care program.   For this project I hired a film/media professional that provided a wonderful opportunity for collaboration, growth and fun (yes projects can be fun!!!).

I look forward to 2018 with great anticipation for all it has to offer and teach me.  I’m planning to have more online offerings in the form of regular VLOG/BLOG posts, and digital courses. 2018 is the year that I’m excited to share more of my work that blends mind body practices, Pilates and developmental movements that INTEGRATE our mind, body and heart.   When we are INTEGRATED we are ready to realize our fullest potential with ease.  Look for the 18 INTEGRATIONS of 2018 in the next few months.I’ll also be sharing some easy ways to bring more holistic self-care into your life.  I’ve got some exciting live presentations and courses lined up as well.

I appreciate your interest and support throughout 2017 and can’t wait to share the journey towards wellness with you in 2018!!  To help you get started I’ve included a gentle, moving meditation to help you release what didn’t serve you from 2017 and invite in all the goodness that awaits you in 2018.   This video is approximately 18 minutes (amazing how it worked out to be 18, I’ll be talking about the signifigance of 18 in the months to come!!) and only requires a comfortable space.   Let me know how it unfolds for you. And please feel free to share with friends that are also hoping to welcome 2018 in a positive way!

Love, Gratitude and Integration!



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