This guy reported feeling “Fluid. At ease. And calm.”
This guy happens to be “my guy”. We’ve been journeying through life together for 24 years, 20 of which we have been marriedπŸ’œ.
These sensations bubbled up for him after we did an integrative, balancing session of meditative movements to prepare him for a week of travel and intense work.
He doesn’t work in the wellness field, but instead in the high pressure financial sector with intense goals and frequent travel that takes a toll on his body and brain.
I could tell he was feeling stressed so last Sun we set everything aside and took 20 minutes to check in with dimensions such as laterality, centering and focus. I then gently guided him through gentle, integrative movements.
He immediately reported feeling calmer. As the week rolled on he reported feeling very fluid and a sense of ease.
I LπŸ’œVE being able to share this work with people including my family. I’m SO excited to share online offerings that are in the works that will allow you to access these high impact offerings in a super accessible way.

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