When your Mom is a pelvic floor specialist/educator…

She was excited to see the new visual aid I received at my meeting last weekend.  I think she was surprised by this view/perspective😉. In our family we are very open about the human body and invite questions and discussion.

It ties into to my recent posts about elevating the conversation about the pelvic floor and it’s function and dysfunction.  One of my hopes in inviting more conversation is for future generations to be RELEASED of shame and fear and instead be empowered with information and knowledge from an early age.  And for education and research in the health/medical sciences to include comprehensive education on female health. .

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn anatomy via cadaver dissection in both undergrad and graduate school.  Sadly,  no effort was made to allow for alternative study of the female reproductive system as our cadavers had had hysterectomies in both educational environments.  I think that’s one of the reasons I became SO interested in further study in this area.  And now I have the joy of helping insure others are empowered with information about the pelvic floor and it’s function. .

Let’s keep ELEVATING the conversation and insuring that future generations move forward in a POSITIVE, EMPOWERED way.  How do you discuss the human body and its function with your children?

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