In today’s world everyone’s nervous system is running on hyper alert/focus (sympathetic overdrive) and working OUT is often feeding into that hyper drive. When I stepped out on my own and opened my own practice incorporating rehab, fitness and Pilates in 2001 I was THRILLED to have an hour for each session as opposed to the 20-30 minutes that I was struggling with in the traditional therapy world. However, I quickly realized that in order for people to be able to get to a place where their therapy/wellness sessions could be effective ( that sweet spot where healing could happen) we had to do movements that integrated and calmed the nervous system.

I had this realization but wasn’t sure how to get people to that sweet spot. I was grateful to have the advantage of Pilates as a way to connect mind and body. Then the world started changing and “devices” were becoming more prominent. I watched perplexed as people’s nervous systems were being hijacked and we had to spend 20 precious minutes at the start of our sessions just trying to calm the nervous system and get them back in their bodies before the real treatment could begin. Around 2005 I started studying developmental movement patterns, brain gym and reflex integration. I continue to study this fascinating work and I’m constantly melding the modalities in a Creative, synergistic way so they’re easily accessible to all people.

I am continually in awe of how effective this work is for people in ALL stages of life!! Rather than just doing movement or working OUT they are learning to work with their nervous system and work IN so that they can feel at ease and function in life optimally from an innate, organic place.   For example, I discovered how integrating the nervous system through gentle movements would finally be the key to allowing for an adults balance to improve.  Or I would find that the movements would allow for a child to be better prepared for the cranial sacral work and get into a still point (deep healing state) more quickly and deeply.  Or the performer that could release their performance anxiety with a home program of integrative moves before that big show. I have SO many examples of how this work has profoundly affected people and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

While I’m conflicted about the use of media (after all I see the effect it has on one’s nervous system) I realize that it’s a great medium to share this work and I deeply desire for it to reach more people. Stay tuned as I will be sharing videos and pearls that give a glimpse into how I’m supporting the integration of people’s systems and inspiring them to work IN! And after many years of requests I’m putting together 2 day workshops for 2019!!

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