Continuing the conversation to ELEVATE ELIMINATION the topic today is pooping ergonomics! That’s right the posture you use while eliminating can greatly affect your ability to GO EASY! You’ve added fiber and healing foods to your menu to support digestion. Perhaps you have even brought your attention to your pelvic floor strengthening/stabilizing (don’t forget to release it too~I’ll talk further about that in a future post). But, have you ever considered that the way you are positioning yourself and breathing during elimination may be hindering the process instead of helping it?

In my role as an OT and pelvic floor specialist I see way too many people struggle with this (especially women).In this video I share simple tips (and have added a diagram) that you can easily use to make this Activity of Daily Living (ADL) happen effortlessly (as it should)! I even talk about using a Squatty Potty! I know many of you have been curious after seeing the fun rainbow and unicorn commercials so now let’s talk about the ergonomics behind it!

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