Mama IN a Mini Van!🚙

Schools out-WOOHOO!!! No lunches to pack, no school drop off or pick up feels very freeing!

Yet the summer schedule brings with it lots of juggling and re-juggling to coordinate my work schedule with my teens schedule. Are you feelin me?🤪

Check out this video to learn 2 simple Nervous System Regulation tools you can even do IN your car to help you feel focused and able to coordinate it all as we transition!

What’s the biggest challenge to your focus during times of transition?😎 I’d love to hear all about it IN the comments!

To help with the summer transition (or truly any transitional time of year) I’ve created a FREE offering to help you establish a ritual using nervous system regulation to empower you to find & sustain focus!

Join me for Focus IN 4!! 4 moves IN 4 minutes over 4 days to INcrease focus! I’ll be sharing this live IN my FB community. All you have to do is join HERE and show up each day live or catch the replays!

I can’t wait to share this simple, yet powerful sequence to empower you IN establishing a new habit and INcreasing focus!

Keep Moving & INtegrating!



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