Struggling with Digestion👄 and/or Elimination💩?

Try the sequence IN the video above to get things “moving” 🤸‍♂️IN the right direction!

IN less than FOUR MINUTES you can work with your structure + INtegrate your Nervous System to find Ease IN your gut!! 

NO fancy powders or supplements needed!

Here’s what’s INside this sequence that some of my clients call “magical” for their GI distress:

  • Hip Swings: release the ilacus muscle and provide greater ease with elimination💩💩💩💩💩
  • Mini Squats: to open & tone the Pelvic Floor.  SO important for ease with elimination💩 and continence of both Bladder + Bowel
  • Pelvic Tilts: great for toning and stabilizing the pelvic Floor
  • Spinal Perez: developmental reflex movement that is tied to bowel and bladder efficiency and ease
  • Moro Reflex Cross Crawl: moves you out of  Survival mode, i.e. Fight, Flight, Freeze, so that you are less likely to be imbalanced IN your GI system & struggling with constipation or irritable bowel.  

Ready to dive deeper INto the nervous system connection to gut health? Check out my Poop Camp program HERE💩

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


P.S. Do you have questions about nervous system regulation related to gut health?  ⭐Jump INto my new private FB  community HERE where we engage around all things Nervous System Regulation! It’s a lovely group and your questions benefit everyone!

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