Anyone else struggling with energy as we welcome Nov?

The dark mornings and cool weather here IN the midwest can be SO tough!!

And of course “falling back” with Daylight Savings!


As a Nervous System Regulation specialist, I’ve witnessed first hand the challenges people face (myself INcluded) when dealing with the shift to Daylight Saving Time (DST).⁣

The abrupt change can seriously throw off our natural sleep/wake cycle, leaving many of us struggling with low energy levels as we *try* to adapt to the new time.

No need to worry, I’ve got a solution for you!

Try the INvigorating sequence I created IN the video above for boosting energy whenever you need it.

It’s imperative to nurture your nervous system as the seasons change and especially with DST.

I love using simple Nervous System Regulation hacks like these to ensure you ease into it with renewed vitality!

Give it a try and hit reply to let me know how it goes for you!!
I LOVE hearing how you and your nervous system are doing!!

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