Here we go again!⁣

We’re heading INto the sparkly, twinkly season.

The Hallmark channel will soon have us believing all we have to do is ask Santa and our wishes will come true and our holidays will overflow with love and connection!

But IN reality it’s not so easy.

The Holiday season is VERY dysregulating to our nervous systems!

We acknowledge that kids get dysregulated with all of the holiday hoopla, so why can’t we acknowledge that it’s too much for our nervous systems too?

Imagine acknowledging and supporting your nervous system so you can actually feel connected to the holiday JOY INstead of the overwhelm!

To help you get started with that INtention I’ll be jumping INto Instagram live at noon EST on Monday’s starting Nov 13th to answer your questions about how to use simple Nervous System Regulation tools to decrease Holiday Stress! Can’t make it? No problem hit reply to this email to send me your questions or holiday challenges and I’ll INclude them IN the list!

The stress of the season truly affects our mind AND body…

All that holiday cooking, decorating, shopping etc can really stress out your back!! Check out the video above (click on photo) for a short sequence INcorporating Nervous System Regulation to INvigorate and support your spine!

IN the video above (click on photo) we:

🧠connect the midline of the body to the limbs via the navel
🧠explore taking up space
🧠play with rolling to INtegrate the tonic labyrinthine reflex among others (this is harder than it seems~I’m definitely working on this one)
🧠have fun with the Pilates swimming exercise
🧠long lever cross crawl

Your nervous system and spine will LOVE this sequence!

We move through sequences like this every week IN my Tues virtual Work IN classes. Can’t make Tues morning? No problem! A replay is provided every week! Get the scoop HERE

Stay tuned! I have many upcoming opportunities coming up to help support you and your nervous system this holiday season!

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