I’ve been talking lately about breath and the nervous system. And how “breathing exercises”😗 can be counterproductive if your nervous system is dysregulated.🫤

Especially if you are stuck IN Fight, Flight, Freeze.😵‍💫 If you are stuck IN FFF, all the breathing exercises IN the world aren’t going to help.

Let’s explore developmental movement patterns that dial down the FFF first!

This short sequence using the ball helps to nourish the Moro reflex which is often tripped up when anyone is IN a state of FFF. The Moro is also very important for accessing ease with breath!

The 2nd exercise supports the Tonic Labrinthine reflex which is also part of FFF. And on a structural level it helps to create space for ease with breath!

I always say “you can’t breathe your way out of a dysregulated nervous system”. Begin any of your movement practices with NSR exercises and notice how your breathe changes! Learn one of my favorites IN my FREE INner Peace: Nervous System Relief for Stress & Anxiety HERE

Want to learn more about the MORO and other exercises that maximize your breath and ability to access the Parasympathetic Nervous System? Check out my new workshop: Embodied Breath: Unlocking the Power of Nervous System Regulation HERE

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