Work IN!

Stability & Mobility

This is not the time to work out. 

The adrenals are dealing with shock and uncertainty. It’s not the time to ramp up the INtensity of your exercise program and deplete them further.

It’s the time to consider true Mind Body Practices.

So, yes the movement/Pilates Instructor who believes movement heals IS telling you NOT to work out.  INstead I’m telling you to Work IN.   Because working out changes bodies and working IN transforms lives ©

Now more than ever we need ways to support our adrenals, organize the nervous system and process emotions.

We need opportunities to find stability not just in the spine but also mentally.

And we need practices that ground us.

I’m honored to have a unique, enJOYable method of doing just that!!

INnate Connections is the program I created during my over 20 years in rehab and wellness.  It stemmed from seeing over taxed nervous systems constantly IN fight or flight, unable to heal or progress in rehab or enJOY life fully.   It blends Pilates, Brain Gym, reflex INtegration, developmental patterns and more. And it’s filled with gentle movements that INtegrate your MIND & BODY for ease and greater function.

It can be accessed in a more meaningful version of working out: a work IN

Working IN goes beyond just talking about a mind body connection and actually MOVES you toward it while working on strength and stability of your core and extremities!


To awaken mobility and challenge stability we use small myofascial balls in this class.
I’m delighted to now have a great resource for high quality balls at a great price:

Stability & Mobility

Tues 9-10 a.m. EST

3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23


Stability & Mobility

Tues 9-10 a.m. EST

2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23


The Work In program is for you if…

  • Want to work on strength and stability while also accessing a calm, focused state
  • Want to access safe, alignment focused mat Pilates
  • Need a post-rehab focus *being able to get onto and off of the floor is a requirement for this class. If this is not YET possible for you please consider INner Nourishment)
  • Want to work on Brain Health while also improving physical strength and stability
  • Want to review the work of the INnate Connections program

This is NOT the program for you if…

  • You are looking for an intense exercise program
  • You are looking to lift heavy weights
  • You are not able to get on the floor or tolerate being on in the all 4’s position
  • You are looking for a get fit quick program

Register Now

$96 For 4 Weeks

I’m delighted to have an easy way to help you get going on your holiday shopping!

When you register for Dec you may purchase a gift month for only $38 to share with a friend or family member. A month of class is the gift that INspires health & wellness for months to come!!!

You may wish to add a ball to complete the gift and can order them here: Myofascial Release Ball+Soft white ball – The Center For Women’s Fitness  

To help keep the surprise you will receive an email with the details and a code for the recipient to use to register once the gift is given! 

*Requires the purchase of Dec at full price.

“I can’t believe how much I needed that and I didn’t even know.  Even though I felt silly doing some of those exercises and I will be honest I thought “what could this possibly do?” I feel so centered and grounded.  Thank you!!!!

Kelly’s knowledge and her love of learning and helping others are so rare.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express gratitude to Kelly for making time to put these programs together for all of us to benefit from.
I know Kelly is busy being a wife, a momma (who is raising a beautiful daughter) a practitioner working her own private practice and i know she has her own passions to attend to plus I am sure she wears many more hats I am not even aware of.
I love how Kelly knows when she needs to check in with herself as she practices what she teaches. 
I get excited when I see knew things on her instagram and FB pages. I may not always understands the WHY but I understand the NEED.

Work IN: Stability & Mobility Spring

  • Price: $96.00
  • $0.00

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