withIN: Nervous System Regulation for a Dysregulated World

Implementation Strategies and Tips:

Listen to this audio before beginning the program and anytime you need support with implementing the tools IN withIN.

Tips & Tools for workIN’s

What you need to know about workIN’s:
I’ve created this short video to give you an overview of what to expect when we go deeper INto the work with workIN’s

SAMPLE Weekly Schedule

The sample weekly schedule is designed to INspire fitting the work INto your schedule with ease! Suggestions are provided for when you have minimal time to devote to the practice and also for when you are able to carve out more time to go more deeply withIN!

These calendars are just examples of how you could schedule the module offerings INto your week.  You can find at least 5 min most days to support your Nervous System! You know your schedule and needs best.  Get creative and make it work for your life!

Sample schedule for when time is limited: 5-10 min most days and 45 min one day IN the week.

Sample schedule for when you have more time: 15 ish min most days and 60 min one to two days IN the week.


Download the worksheets for each modules using the links below.


















Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6

"Finding the Safe Space withIN: Moving Beyond Fight, Flight, Freeze"

We can’t expect to function at our best when we are moving through each day at some level of fight/flight/freeze! (Re)discover the safe space withIN by moving through gentle developmental patterns IN the rituals and workIN that regulate your nervous system and take you beyond just surviving to actually thriving!
Discover the connection of your kidneys and adrenals to feeling safe IN the SOS video!

The worksheets full of journal prompts and INspiration starts with this module. Use it to keep record of your journey.

This module will help you find the ease and comfort so you can move forward from a calm, INtegrated state.

It’s ideal to begin with this short video: INtro of Moro, Fear Paralysis Reflex (FPR), Navel Radiation

WorkIN (make sure you have watched the tips and tools for workIN’s from module one)

SOS-Moro, FPR & Kidney/Adrenal+Limbic NFP

Ritual-Navel Radiation + X empowerment

FULL FPR tapping

Tapping INto your INnate INnergy

IN this module we INvite self discovery with a new layer of noticing (resources for dropping IN) to prepare for dropping IN at the start of the workIN.

Get ready to tap INto deeper stress relief and NS repair as we begin to add IN eye exercises! Refer back to the rituals anytime you need a quick energy boost throughout your day!

Discover self soothing (SOS) techniques to support your adrenals and balance cortisol anytime you feel depleted of energy!

"Get & Stay Grounded"

IN today’s highly distracting and dysregulated world it’s challenging to feel anchored to your own INnate wisdom and a sense of groundedness. In this module we layer more eye exercises IN to relieve the stress today’s tech filled world places on our brain + body.

Learn to tune INto your INner voice with the heart expansion process.
Go beyond just stating affirmations and get grounded IN your body! Anytime you are feeling scattered revisit these practices that INvite you to fully embody your INnate INnergy and keep you grounded.

Heart Expansion Exploration VIDEO

Get Grounded work IN

Ritual To INfinity & Beyond

Ritual + Hookup w/ Eye Activation

"Moving through eMOTIONs"

Begin to acknowledge INtense eMOTIONs, gently move through them and release them IN this module. Feel the deep support and INner organization that comes with “Tapping” (EFT) combined with eye exercises IN the ritual video.

When eMOTIONs bubble up during your day but your time is limited go to the mini workIN to begin processing eMOTIONS. You can process further with the full workIN when time permits.

Knowing you have these tools to refer back to anytime you are dealing with challenging or uncomfortable sensations and eMOTIONs will fortify your eMOTIONal resilience.

Move through eMOTIONs workIN

RITUAL EFT & Eye Activation

Mini workIN for processing eMOTIONS

SOS: INfiniti and NFP

"Setting & Keeping Boundaries"

It’s important to establish clear boundaries IN today’s INtense world. Module 5 is here to support with this challenging topic, not just with others but also setting boundaries with yourself!

Learn simple ways to protect yourself and energy IN the ritual videos. Soothe yourself (SOS video) and release old victim energy, helping to clarify your boundaries moving forward. Break free from needing others permission or approval to establish your boundaries!

This program is not intended to serve as professional advice or services. The ideas, suggestions, and information contained in this program are not intended as a substitute for medical care. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision and support from your physician.

None of this information may be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the written consent of the author.

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