Are your Knees Locked? Here’s why it Matters!

Hi there! Did you know that locked knees🦵 often indicate that you are IN survival mode (fight, flight, freeze)😐? It's very likely tied to an unINtegrated tendon-guard reflex. The move IN this video is actually a quick assessment for the...

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Beat the Aches: Get Garden Ready with these Moves

With the holiday weekend upon us,  if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to spend some quality time in the garden or tackling those outdoor DIY yard projects.Do you love the feeling of your hands in the dirt👐 but dread the stiffness...

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Nervous System Regulation for Maycember

How's your Maycember going? Is your calendar exploding at the seams with end of school/sport/dance/choir/scouts activities? I feel ya! Check out this Mama IN a Mini Van video where I talk about tools to help you stay energized and grounded...

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BirthINg Trauma: The overlooked Nervous System Dysregulation Experience

BirthINg Trauma: The overlooked Nervous System Dysregulation Experience

"Oh, you will forget about all the pain/struggle of labor & delivery after you hold that baby". ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​ If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say that as a young woman & even as a child--what are we setting girls up for???​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​...

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Hi there!

I’m Kelly Hale and I have the JOY of helping people move beyond stress, anxiety & overwhelm to reconnect to JOY, find the ease IN life and be peacefully productive! I love helping people realize how easy it can be to create shifts (in 4 min or less) by uncovering the gifts withIN: nervous system regulation.   

As a Nervous System Negotiator, I draw from 25 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and Pilates practitioner. I’m a former meditation drop out–I so badly wanted the calm, but only ended up frustrated and I felt like a failure. I had to meet myself where I was (just like I had always done for clients) and access calm through movement.

I’m SO glad you’re here and I can’t wait for you to uncover what’s possible when you tap INto the wisdom of your nervous system! I LOVE questions!! Drop your questions IN the comments! I often turn those questions INto future VLOGS!

Keep Moving & INtegrating!

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