I’ve spent much of my career UNlearning my original training.

I think it’s one of the most valuable skills I’ve had to call upon IN my 25 years IN the rehab, Pilates, and movement spaces.

When I was IN biomechanics courses both IN undergrad and grad school one of the first and most basic principles we were taught was:

Always approach rehab or strength training from proximal (closer to the center of the body) to distal (further out).

IN the example of the Upper Extremity this would mean start with the muscles of the shoulder girdle before going out to the forearm, wrist, hand.

This worked for some bodies.

But I wasn’t always seeing the results I wanted for ALL bodies with this old paradigm.


Getting frustrated fuels me to ask questions, challenge what I’ve been taught and then dive INto exploring other options.

Much of what I’ve uncovered and created IN my career has come out of FRUSTRATION!

So I went back to the beginning!

Waaaaaay back to earliest development INcluding primitive reflexes.

We had some INtroduction to the importance of these developmental milestones IN OT school, but I wanted more!

I played and experimented ALOT!

What I discovered turned my world upside down!

For example tapping INto the Robinson Hand grasp to better align the neck and shoulders using the distal to affect the proximal. Engaging the Hands Supporting and Hands Pulling Reflex to engage the trunk body for better stability at the shoulder.

I began to see INcredible results.

Even IN the most challenging situations. My patients and clients would say things like “Wow! Making me grasp a highlighter IN my hand changed everything! That’s magic!”

It’s not “magic” but it is a magical experience to reconnect to the INnate resources that have been IN our bodies all along!

These experiences prompted me to create a whole new approach to rehab, prehab and exercise!!

One that honors human development and prepares the body for INcreased strength and FUNction. One way this is done by INtegrating reflexes that INcorporate the distal areas of the body as a primer for proximal strength and stability as demonstrated IN the video above.

I realize this approach is unique and I can’t share it with all the people that need it!! That’s why I LOVE sharing this work via workshops and courses for professionals and virtual experiences for clients!

Want to experience this magic? Join us on Tues mornings virtually or via replays! Details HERE

What’s something you have had to UNlearn IN your life? Hit reply and let me know! I love hearing about other people’s journey’s through UNlearning!

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