My palms went clammy, a rush of heat flooded my body, and dizziness started bubbling up INside meβ€”right in the cramped confines of an elevator at a huge conference center hotel.
As the elevator jolted to a halt that early morning, panic threatened to take over.

Did I mention that I’m claustrophobic?

I knew all to well, that these sudden sensations were a sure sign of a DYSregulated Nervous System!

It wasn’t exactly how I envisioned spending my morning as evidenced by my bed head and stained but comfy t-shirt turned PJ top!Β  I was just running down to the lobby for a spoon for my coco-yo!

It ended up we were only stuck for 10-15 min but it felt like an hour.Β Β 
Who needs elevator music when you’ve got my top-notch humming skills to soothe the vagus nerve, right?
Get all the juicy details of my elevator escapade, INcluding the humming, IN the video above!!

Keep Moving & INtegrating!


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