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How to regulate your Nervous System to move beyond


(without hours of meditation).​​​

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About the free class:​​​​​​​​

Inside, I’m sharing…

  • The 4 phase method I use (and my students use) to nervous system regulation in 4 weeks or less
  • The 5 misconceptions to avoid when working on nervous system regulation (this will save you so much time}
  • Why you DON’T need to do sit in stillness/meditation to a achieve calm state—and what to do instead
  • How to work with me more closely to develop nervous system regulation tools for today’s dysregulated world

About the INstructor:​​​​​​​​

HI, I’m Kelly!

I’m an OT, developmental movement specialist and Brain + Body +Biome expert that works with high achieving, (and often depleted)
individuals that desire to move from overwhelm to a state of peace and calm using simple self-regulation techniques.
I’m a former meditation “drop-out” who realized sitting still with the incessant chatter IN my head didn’t align with the needs of my
nervous system.

I still desired to feel less anxious and more calm, but learned I needed to MOVE towards nervous system integration. This prompted me
to travel the country studying and becoming certified IN Brain+Body techniques such as Brain Gym, Reflex INtegration and more!

Inside the free webinar, I’m sharing the exact strategies I share with my paid students. Don’t miss it!
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Kelly Hale

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