Summer Solstice INner Regulation:

Nervous System Regulation to Embrace the Seasonal Shift

A gentle moving meditation experience to welcome the longest day of the year!

Thurs, June 20th at 7 p.m. EST

*Replay will be provided*


Align your nervous system to the changing seasonal rhythm
INtegrate your nervous system to establish & hold boundaries during the expansive summer season
Empower your Brain + Body to balance the energy of INcreased daylight
Center + Ground for the INcreased Energy IN nature and communities

$58 Only $38!

If we haven’t met… I’m Kelly.

I’m an Occupational Therapist and Nervous System Regulation expert.
After many years my overachieving, perfectionistic lifestyle caught up with me and affected my health. I tried meditation, but I couldn’t sit still or quiet my racing thoughts, and inevitably felt like a failure, leaving each session scolding myself to “Try HARDER!”

But then around 2006, I realized that “trying harder” may not actually be the answer…

What if, instead of beating myself up, I extended the same grace to myself that I gave to my clients and patients daily?

That was when I realized, I needed to find a form of “meditation” that resonated with my lifelong love of movement. Did a program like this even exist?!

As it turns out, it didn’t. This realization led me on a quest to create a form of meditation aligned with my love for movement. Combining over 20 years of professional experience with my studies of nervous system regulation, I crafted a unique method fusing OT, Brain Gym, Pilates, and Reflex Integration.

This journey transformed my life. By tapping into the Brain + Body connection, I was able to achieve from a place of EASE. Eager to share my discovery, I introduced my method to clients, witnessing profound shifts in just a few weeks.

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