I recently had the JOY of being a guest on the profitable play podcast🎙️with the INspiring Michele Caruana💗!

She’s out there doing great work supporting other play space owners!

But you don’t have to be a play space owner to find support IN this episode where we talk about nervous system regulation, self-care, and burnout😟.

We touch on how stress can affect not only our nervous system🧠 but also hormones, our gut💩and even lead to Autoimmune issues.

IN this conversation, we:

  • Pull back the curtain on my gut, hormone, and autoimmune health journey.  It was INtense at the beginning!
  • Explore the role of cortisol & adrenal dysfunction IN health & how Nervous System Regulation can impact it.
  • Uncover quick tools to INcorporate INto your day to help manage stress hormones and avoid burnout.

If you’re looking to move beyond stress and nourish your adrenals to grab my FREE INner Peace: Nervous System Relief for Stress & Anxiety HERE

Give it a listen and leave a comment with what surprised you most about this conversation!

I’m a huge fan of FUN indoor play spaces🤸 and have many fond memories of going to them when my daughter was younger! Have you ever been to one? What was the most FUN for you and your kiddo, grandchild, niece or nephew?

Keep Moving & INtegrating!


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