So we just passed what is called “quitter’s day”, the 2nd Friday IN Jan.

I recently learned this is the day many people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not a fan of labels, especially one like “quitter”😒.  

It sends a message to the Nervous System that we are not capable and that message  is likely to get triggered over and over again.

Although I only recently learned about “quitter’s day” I’ve been concerned about the energy around NY Resolutions for maaaaaaaaany years.😐  
For years I’ve witnessed SO many of my clients, friends & family crafting, resolutions to…

…work out 💪more.

…to meditate. 🧘‍♀️

… to INcrease flexibility.🤸‍♀️

I LOVE the idea of having more of all of this IN our lives.

However, IN my over 25 years in Rehab and Wellness I’ve seen SO many people start the shiny new year with goals like these only to have them fizzle out withIN a few weeks or a few months and to be left feeling badly about themselves.

In the midst of the resolutions frenzy, let’s redefine the narrative.

Shift your focus from external to INternal, from mere physical transformation to a true brain🧠 + body🚶‍➡️ transformation!

What if INstead of setting resolutions, always falling short, you could tap INto your greatest ally—the Nervous System.

I have just the tool to help you get started: my FREE INner Peace series. IN this quick series you will receive 3 videos (all less than 5 min) that will help you move beyond stress & anxiety so you can find the INner peace and feel good about yourself as you ease INto the New Year!  Find your INner Peace HERE
How are you redefining the narrative as we roll INto the New Year?  I love hearing where you are at on your journey! Drop a comment below and let me know!!

Wishing you INner Peace always,


P.S.  Are your friends and family looking to change the narrative too?  Share this LINK with them so they can start the year with INner Peace too!! I LOVE imagining  communities where we more people are accessing the resources they have withIN.




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