Professional Resources

Professional Resources

I’m delighted to support and empower other professionals in the rehab, wellness and movement worlds!! For over 20 years I’ve mentored and coached pros to help them “get out of their own way” so they can connect to ease in their daily work flow, tap INto their INnate creativity and move towards that bigger vision! Whether it’s private or group coaching, or workshops they all offer my signature style of INtegrating the Brain and Body so you can enJOY the process  AND realize optimal results!

Custom workshops/Seminars

Do you have a unique health/wellness need? Custom topics are available to meet the needs of your group!

Here’s a sampling of recent topics:

Monkey Bars for the Brain ™

Innate Wisdom: Re-Connecting to our Earliest, Organic Movement Patterns for Vitality Through the Life Span ™

Grown Up Recess: Fun, Easy Self Care ™

UNGLUED & INtegrated: The Scap, Shoulder and Upper Spine Connection ™

Balanced, Mindful, Integrated: A New Kind of B.M.I. ™

The Pharmacy in your Refrigerator: Introduction to Body Ecology ™

Holistic Self Care 101: Journey to Vibrant Health (6 hours) ™

Staying Connected to Peaceful Productivity ™

Staying Connected to Peace, Calmness and Harmony: A Self-Care 

Opportunity for Parents, Educators and Caregivers ™

Peace & Integration For Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals ™

Connect to a Sense of Ease and Joy in Life ™

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