Are you taking care of your Nervous System?

The horrific, graphic images all over the news is dysregulating everyone’s nervous system.

And you can’t unsee them.

All week I’ve been talking with people and hearing about very visceral reactions. And many are experiencing past traumas being triggered.

You can still be INformed and aware without seeing all the details.

Here’s a summary of the Nervous System Regulation tips I share IN the video above:
🧠To stay INformed read articles from sources that you know don’t share graphic videos and photos. Don’t watch the news.

🧠When you hear details or see images do the Fear Paralysis Tapping Technique to make sure Fear doesn’t take up residence IN your body and that you don’t get stuck IN survival mode. You may find yourself doing this several times throughout the day.

🧠Move through the Moro Reflex. It helps regulate us when we are exposed to things that “take our breath away”

🧠Go INto your social media settings and set up limits on sensitive content so it’s less likely to show up IN your feed

Stay INformed but limit your exposure, practice deep compassion 💜 and be sure to care for your Nervous System. Feel free to hit reply with any questions on the above techniques. I’m here to support you!

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