Protecting Your Energy: Holiday Version

Get ready to go on a transformative journey INto your Nervous System’s INner workings, where you’ll uncover the secrets of Nervous System Regulation and Boundary Setting.

IN this unique session, you’ll dive into a 40-minute Moving Meditation, a soothing and accessible experience that empowers you to establish boundaries from withIN. I’ll guide you through gentle, yet powerful Nervous System Regulation techniques, allowing you to leave feeling calm, fully INtegrated, and ready to set and maintain boundaries not just during the holidays but all year round!

But that’s not all. We’ll equip you with simple tools that take under 2 minutes to use throughout your day, ensuring that the INtegration and harmony you discover in the meditation continue to show up for you as you navigate the season.

This session is one hour long.

Recommended equipment: water bottle, mat or towel and additional towel. You may wish to have a pen and paper.