INner Resources: A Resiliency Program for Health & Wellness Pros

Are you a Pilates/Yoga/Rehab professional feeling stressed and uncertain about the return to IN person work?  Are you overwhelmed and anxious about working in a mask? Do you feel the pressure to provide an upbeat setting when you feel anything but positive?

You are not alone.  We just want to go back to the work we love but feel depleted from the virtual pivot, trying to keep our businesses going and manage a new level of family/home life.   And now you are left wondering where you will get the energy to provide IN person services with all the extra protocols.

To have the INner resources to meet this new level of demand it’s going to require that we dig deep once again.  But this time it can be different. It needs to be different.  What if we could drop IN, acknowledge the emotions and stress, and re-align our nervous system for true resiliency?  Then carry that alignment INto daily life with empowering rituals to help us go beyond making it through the day and actually thriving.  

This unique program will do just that.  Gently move through reflexes that are at the root of anxiety, fear, and panic.  Learn INtegration techniques to recover from breath-holding, whether it’s from wearing a mask or watching the intensity in our world unfold.  Tap INto neuro-lymphatic techniques to bolster your energy.  Learn how to set healthy boundaries IN a world where needs are high.  All this and so much more.  

This program will help you fortify your resiliency with rituals and techniques to keep you grounded, energized, and calm.  This is not the program with the business insights.  There are many great offerings for that.  

This is about the INner work.  

It’s time to do the INner work before returning to work.

Each Session will consist of 2 Sections:

Section A: Drop IN, Acknowledge the Emotions, Move through the stress, Gain clarity 

Part B: Tools, Techniques and Rituals for daily INtegration

This Course is Currently in Session.

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