INner Resources

Nervous System Regulation Tools for
a Dysregulated World

Today’s world is more INtense and stress-filled than ever. The demands of the “new normal” have left you feeling depleted and burned out. What if you could drop IN, acknowledge the emotions and stress, and realign your nervous system for true resiliency? Then carry that alignment INto daily life with empowering rituals to help you go beyond making it through the day and actually thriving.

I created a unique program that will do just that.  Gently move through reflexes that are at the root of anxiety, fear, and panic. Learn INtegration techniques to move beyond the triggers.  Tap INto neuro-lymphatic techniques to bolster your energy. Discover how to set healthy boundaries IN a world where needs are high. All this and so much more.  

This program will help you fortify your resiliency with rituals and techniques to keep you grounded, energized, and calm. This is about the INner work. 

NOW with 2 tracks: Professional (for Health, Wellness & Education Pros) or Non-Professional (for the INdividual looking to build a daily practice)

$297 includes handouts and replay videos

EARLY BIRD RATE: $260 (register before 2/9)

use code integrated at checkout

Take Pro & Non Pro for $430

Registration is now closed.  Be the first to know when the program opens again!

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