Work IN Roadmap

Tap INto your Brain+Body to go deeper and get more out of any exercise program

Sprinkle these Nervous System Regulation tools INto your favorite movement experience!


Welcome to the “Work IN Roadmap,” a guide to enhancing your exercise program by connecting with your brain and body on a deeper level.

P.A.C.E. (See Roadmap)
Do this prior to any movement program to drop INto the present moment, get focused and energized. Organizes the brain + body for optimal INtegration throughout your movement experience

Get INtentional:
What do you want out of this movement experience? Make sure to state what you want, not what you don’t want. For example: I am filled with comfort & ease INstead of I am pain free.

Sample INtention:
I uncover spaciousness IN my body and heartspace

Send a Message of Safety:
Do the Fear Paralysis Tapping

Start Moving!

During your movement session:
Do Isometrics to send a message of safety!
Example: Cross Crawl Isometric

What bubbles up for you? Do you have areas that are restricted? What do you notice after you do isometrics?

Perhaps write them down after you finish moving

Are you noticing eMOTIONs bubble up? If so acknowledge them, do a snow angel movement and then do cross crawls. *always finish with cross crawls to INtegrate the R & L hemisphere afterwards.

Keep moving and sprinkling isometrics throughout your session. Reflect on your INtention and envision how you are MOVING closer to achieving it!


Take 2-5 minutes to rest IN the hookup posture to feel calm, centered and grounded!

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