INner Nourishment

A 4-week Virtual Mind Body Gut Support program

Are you ready to take small, manageable steps toward increasing your energy, mood, and well-being?

Do you want to improve your gut & digestive health but feel overwhelmed on where to start?

Are you looking for the benefits of meditation but can’t seem to quiet your mind to sit in stillness?

Do you want to live a more holistic lifestyle but don’t know where to start?

Why Understand & Nourish From WithIN?

This group experience offers 4 sessions full of empowerment and Inspiration for less than the cost of one private coaching session!!

I’ve had a lifelong journey of healing.

For many years I struggled with gut issues that crippled my daily function and even impacted my fertility.

Once I was diagnosed with celiac disease I felt relief and a deep resolve to heal the damage of living with this undiagnosed autoimmune issue for so many years.

I made it my mission to study the body’s innate healing abilities using food and holistic approaches.  I dove into the Body Ecology certification in 2005 and became an avid fermenter of food and beverages.  I continue to study functional medicine approaches to healing and gut health.

My work is highly INformed by my training as a pelvic floor specialist and visceral therapist (intestinal organ mobilizations are my favorite)!

The road to health truly is paved with good Intestines!!
The mental part of the process is just as important! 

This is why we will be using my unique method of moving meditation developed in over 20 years as an OT, Brain Gym and Pilates pro to align and organize the nervous system for high impact change with ease and joy!

Kelly Hale

What you’ll receive with INner Nourishment

This unique opportunity INvites you to drop IN and nourish your mind, body and gut.  This is not a program with big goals for huge change.  It’s small, realistic steps for today’s world It’s simple, effective holistic self-care supporting your MIND, BODY & GUT.


Meditation & Integrative movements to calm your mind.


Holistic Self-Care tips & techniques to boost energy, mood and focus


Simple tools to get you out of your “gut rut” 

This program is for you if you…

  • Want to take small, manageable steps toward improving your wellbeing
  • Want to improve energy
  • Are interested in learning easy, quick ways to support gut health
  • Are interested in a more holistic lifestyle
  • Want to learn simple meditation tools that are not the typical sitting in silence (although that can be great too)
  • Want a review of the simple energy and brain breaks taught in the INnate Connections © workshop
  • Want an update/refresher from the Holistic Self-Care 101 © program or Body Ecology workshops

This is NOT the program for…

  • Someone focused on a “quick fix” for health or weight loss
  • Someone wanting to tackle a huge overhaul in their health/wellness
  • Those that view self-care as limited to: mani/pedi’s and facials
  • Those looking for medical guidance on gut health

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