Did you know that your lungs🫁 are connected to grief😭?

And that the area between your eyes is connected to your limbic system?

Connect the two spots IN this super simple self care technique–Neuro Fascial Processing and feel the stress melt away!

We took a deep dive INto all of this and more IN my Empowered Breath: Unlocking the Power of Nervous System Regulation Workshop. You can still catch the replay here: https://inspiredwell.com/embodiedbreath/

Keep moving & INtegrating,


P.S. Looking for more support for stress, anxiety & overwhelm?? I’ve got you covered with these FREE resources:

⭐Get Nervous System Relief for Stress + Anxiety with 3 short videos IN my INner Peace program Get it here

⭐Jump INto my new private FB community HERE where we engage around all things Nervous System Regulation! Questions welcome!

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