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Holiday Harmony:

The Nervous System Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries for a Stress-Free Season

Do you dread walking into holiday gatherings?

We’ve all been there – those family gatherings laden with history, complex dynamics, and a side dish of emotional triggers. Or the events you felt obligated to attend. Even the ones you eagerly anticipate can become emotional minefields, filled with people who may not understand or respect your boundaries.

Imagine walking into these situations with confidence and peace, knowing you’re grounded, centered, and armed with the tools to align your nervous system and establish the boundaries you need. The good news is that this “what if” scenario is entirely possible!

Join us IN “Holiday Harmony,” where we’ll show you how to transform your experience of the Holidays. Say goodbye to stress, frustration, and the pressure to please others. INstead, embrace a season of serenity, connection, and true joy, where your nervous system becomes your ally in creating the harmonious holidays you’ve always desired.

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What’s IN Holiday Harmony?

Boundary Setting: the gift you give yourself
Join us for a transformative journey into your Nervous System’s INner workings, where you’ll uncover the secrets of Nervous System Regulation and Boundary Setting.
In this unique session, you’ll dive into a 40-minute Moving Meditation, a soothing and accessible experience that empowers you to establish boundaries from withIN. I’ll guide you through gentle, yet powerful Nervous System Regulation techniques, allowing you to leave feeling calm, fully INtegrated, and ready to set and maintain boundaries not just during the holidays but all year round!
But that’s not all. We’ll equip you with simple tools that take under 2 minutes to use throughout your day, ensuring that the INtegration and harmony you discover in the meditation continue to show up for you as you navigate the season.

Grounding with Grace
Learn to truly drop IN, and connect with the eMOTIONs that often surface during this season, including grief. This moving meditation is a gentle yet powerful practice to guide you through the INtense eMOTIONs that can arise this time of year.
In this session, you will not only acknowledge these eMOTIONs but also learn invaluable tools to safeguard your energy in the midst of the chaotic and dysregulated holiday season.
Discover the art of Grounding with Grace, a journey towards emotional resilience and self-preservation.

Boundary Setting: a Tool to Authenticity
In this session, we embark on a journey to explore how stress often manifests as physical pain withIN our bodies. Through a thoughtful yet INvigorating movement experience, we pave the way for comfort and ease. This work IN not only connects you to your “core values” but also helps you rediscover your most authentic self, allowing you to maintain your boundaries with grace during the holiday season.

As the holidays approach, it’s common for our own movement practices or workouts to take a backseat. It doesn’t have to be this way!! This short yet highly effective work IN rekindles your commitment to exercise, offering a true mind-body connection that ensures you show up for yourself with the authenticity you deserve.

Enjoy 50% off through December 31st with code “HHSAVE50”

Our brains and bodies are marvelously designed for self-regulation, a natural gift that often remains unwrapped. Most of us have never realized just how simple and accessible it can be to harness this power withIN us.

IN “Holiday Harmony,” experience a journey to uncover your inherent self-regulation capabilities. Learn how to tap into your nervous system’s potential, enabling you to navigate the holiday season with ease, joy, and resilience.

Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm. Say hello to a harmonious holiday season that you can truly savor. The power to transform your holidays lies withIN – and Holiday Harmony is here to help you discover it.

Get ready to embrace your Nervous System’s potential, claim your boundaries, and experience a more peaceful holiday season and beyond.

Hi there! I’m Kelly.

I’m an Occupational Therapist and Nervous System Regulation expert.

After many years my overachieving, perfectionistic lifestyle caught up with me and affected my health. I tried meditation, but I couldn’t sit still or quiet my racing thoughts, and inevitably felt like a failure, leaving each session scolding myself to “Try HARDER!”

But then around 2006, I realized that “trying harder” may not actually be the answer…

What if, instead of beating myself up, I extended the same grace to myself that I gave to my clients and patients daily?

That was when I realized, I needed to find a form of “meditation” that resonated with my lifelong love of movement. Did a program like this even exist?!

As it turns out, it didn’t. This realization led me on a quest to create a form of meditation aligned with my love for movement. Combining over 20 years of professional experience with my studies of nervous system regulation, I crafted a unique method fusing OT, Brain Gym, Pilates, and Reflex Integration.

This journey transformed my life. By tapping into the Brain + Body connection, I was able to achieve from a place of EASE. Eager to share my discovery, I introduced my method to clients, witnessing profound shifts in just a few weeks.

Now, in response to the high demand for holiday support, I’ve created resources to help you find joy amid the chaos.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to the virtual nature of this program, no refunds will be provided.

This offering does not replace professional medical advice and you should consult your physician regarding any concerns before engaging in physical activity.

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