Face Ball Class

Are you dealing with TMJ, headaches, sinus pain, or eyestrain?

Drop IN for a 75 min face ball class Tues March 30th at 8:45 a.m. EST. It’s all about helping you feel your best so you can truly put your best face forward!! Using the small Yamuna balls, we will stimulate the facial bones, release tension in the myofascial system, and lift and tone the facial muscles.

As a cranial sacral and lymphatic therapist, I see first-hand how stagnation in the facial area can lead to puffiness, discomfort and pain! And all the screen time in today’s world is creating tension and stress in the eye muscles and bones! Leave this class feeling relaxed, re-aligned, and rejuvenated in your jaw, around your eyes, and your entire face! Get empowered with gentle
techniques to add to your self-care tool kit!

This class requires small balls. Please email or DM for details.

Look out for more information in your email!

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