A Gift For

The Essential Workforce of COVID-19

We appreciate greatly all you are doing to keep us all moving forward during this Intense time. 

We realize you are risking your own health and safety, pulling overtime and working with limited INner resources & energy!

Self-care must seem impossible at this time. 

To support you in finding an easy form of self-care please enJOY this FREE energy restoring sequence that can be done in your car before or after heading back in for another grueling day or anytime you need a boost!!

Sign up below to receive a short (10ish min) energy restoring meditation that Includes breath, neuro lymphatic points and more!  (no prior experience necessary).

Sign up here! 

And INvite any other essential workforce people you know to sign up also!

HUGE gratitude to all the Nurses, Dr’s, all Healthcare Pros, Fire, Police, Foodservice, Cleaning & Sanitation workers, postal carriers (and anyone we are missing) for all that you are doing!!

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