Transitions can be much smoother when we attend to our self care! I thoroughly enjoyed a week off of work over the holidays which included a departure from the morning rush, sipping tea with my daughter and just enjoying a slower pace overall.  Although I love my work I knew heading back to work starting at 7 a.m. and being in session back to back would be quite a transition.  So I made sure to practice what I promote and set up self-care with the intention of keeping my energy supported and consistent throughout the day.  Below you will find details on what I did the night before returning to work.  These simple steps really allowed me to feel connected to a consistent, calm energy throughout the day.  When we take care of ourselves we are better able to care for others.  The VIDEO (below) details the simple techniques I used Tues am (my return day) and throughout the day and week to keep my energy and focus.   These techniques are gathered from Brain Gym, Chi-Gong and Meditation and creatively put together in a way that best supports my health.  I share parts of these with clients all the time and receive feedback that they enJOY sprinkling them throughout their day and also report MAJOR shifts in energy!! Feel free to pull one or two movements out that speak to you!!  My hope is that they might INSPIRE new self-care rituals in your life!  Feel free to comment below with questions or any noticing you have after giving these a try!

Below are details on my night before prep! It’s Amazing how a cup of tea in hand while working makes me feel as though I’m taking care of myself so I can better care for others!
This took approximately 20 min.
1) I squeezed lemons and set the juice aside in a glass jar in the fridge. It was all ready to throw into my favorite heart embellished water bottle for hydration!
2) I prepared a tea bag with my favorite organic loose leaf tea. All I had to do was pop it in hot water in the morning🍵
3) I prepared my breakfast smoothie and placed it in the fridge. I added broccoli microgreens and a tablespoon of sunflower butter for an extra boost of energy😉 ( this was basically the same smoothie I shared in the light portion of the sparkle holistic holiday program minus the mint and add in microgreens and sunbutter). Full of protein, greens, fiber and yumminess🌳!!)
3) I set my morning supplements out in a dish so there was no scrambling to grab them before I went to work.
5) I set out my outfit and made sure to pick a cozy, warm top that wrapped me in positivity. It kept me connected to how grateful I am for the time I had with family last week and how grateful I am that I have work that fulfills and lights me up😍
6) I planned to wear these fun, super warm, sticky socks!! They made me smile everytime I looked down at them!!
7) I did some energy promoting and grounding exercises to make sure my energy was ready to sustain me as I served others. Refer to VIDEO below.
All of this simple prep really helped me to get back in my groove smoothly!! What self-care helps you with transitions??

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