The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines.

The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines.

The road less traveled. Or at least the road that no one wants to talk about. I’m sort of known as the “Poop Whisperer”. As a Body Ecologist, Manual Visceral (organ) therapist, and Pelvic Floor Specialist, I LOVE engaging in dialogue around the “forbidden” GI topics! I like to say, “If the topic of pooping doesn’t make you smile, then we need to talk!” It doesn’t have to be a struggle! Sadly, a lot of people aren’t smiling when it comes to pooping. I speak to sooooooo many women (men too) that go days without pooping. They feel sluggish, bloated, and irritable. Even worse, they start to accept it and begin to think it’s normal.

It doesn’t have to be this way!!

It doesn’t have to be this way!! I have the JOY of turning the frustration and embarrassment INto a positive, empowering, fun conversation with easy action steps for quick results!! I call it Elevating Elimination®! Whether it’s pooping ergonomics out my  (check my squatty potty video below), visceral organ releases (get a sample in my BRAIN, BODY, BIOME gift HERE) or guiding someone through my INner Nourishment program, I LOVE helping people turn that frown upside down in the loo!

When you go with ease, life flows with ease!!! I know it can feel overwhelming. Trust me, when I was an embarrassed, constipated middle I never thought it could be easy. And during my late 20’s when I had debilitating diarrhea (what I call my sh*t hit the fan years) schooler read the story on the Biome page, I didn’t think I would ever be spreading the poo gospel!! But every day I get to engage in conversations about the life changing effects of elevating elimination!!!

With simple lifestyle suggestions, you can learn to GO EASY!! ELEVATE ELIMINATION to a topic that is comfortable, INspiring, and Health Promoting!! Tapping INto this natural process of detoxification and other pathways of elimination can be a game changer!!!

Curious about pooping ergonomics?

Check out the Squatty Potty video below.

Want a sample of INner Nourishment? Sign up for my Brain Body Biome free gift. Let’s move beyond the embarrassment and elevate elimination so life can flow with ease!!

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