I like to say Shift Happens! And it’s time for a Culture Shift®!

I like to say Shift Happens! And it’s time for a Culture Shift®!

Culture Shift ® is about nourishing from the INside out with gut healing cultured foods and beverages. Rather than talking about what foods you can’t have (no food jail here) we explore the foods that nourish you from the INside out. Explore food and drinks that support yourINner Biome (i.e., gut tissue+ bacterial balance) so that you are able to enJOY eating and living again!!
Culture shift is also about releasing the shackles of body shaming and the vicious cycle of viewing food as a pathway to a certain size. It’s not a diet. Instead, we focus on food as nourishment for our mind, body and heart space as a pathway to optimal health and wellness!

Culture Shift: Brain Body Biome Monthly Subscription

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CULTURE SHIFT: Beyond Kombucha Webinar!

In this 90 min webinar, we will discuss how you can easily and inexpensively introduce a multitude of probiotic-rich, fermented foods into your life to truly promote health and go beyond just looking the part with the “Booch” bottle in hand! Learn the why and how of SHIFTing into the CULTURED LIFE for your BEST life.

Did you know that fermented foods can help decrease sugar cravings? Check out this sample to learn more.

A “taste” of topics that are covered:

– An opening meditation: Embracing your GUT and releasing stress

– The Wisdom of the Ages: A brief history of cultured foods
-Scooby (SCOBY) who???: Kombucha and other cultured beverages

– Not your Grandma’s Sauerkraut: Cultured/Fermented Veggies
– INNER ECO-SYSTEM: Introducing a few of the Body Ecology principles

– SHIFT into CROWD CONTROL: My unique system for easily and seamlessly incorporating these foods into your life right away!!

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