Are you ready to add some spice to your daily routine?

Let’s shake things up with Cross Body Movements! Just like brushing your teeth, this move should be a staple in your everyday life.

Contralateral & cross-body movements–are actually one of the most INtegrative & healing movements for our brain + body!  

Today, I’m excited to share some INvigorating variations on the cross crawl that will keep your mind and body fully engaged!  After all “they” say variety is the spice of life!!

Pick your fav and do the cross crawl anytime during your day that you feel:
💜low on energy
💜difficulties concentrating
💜want to INcrease mental endurance
💜want to feel “on” mentally

Which one feels best to you? Leave a comment letting us know!! I LOVE hearing how your Nervous System Regulation journey is unfolding!

Keep Moving & INtegrating,


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